We use coaching to help people:

  • Develop work potential.
  • Develop skills to stay in work.
  • Manage workplace challenges created by ill-health and disability.
  • Helping people to focus and think better at work.
  • Helping people to know their options when paid work is not realistic.
  • Determine suitable work goals, vocational guidance and decision making.
  • Assess cognitive skills to help people understand their potential.
  • Manage cognitive and emotional challenges that life is throwing in the way.
  • Monitor barriers to work, so we can provide clear evidence based guidance on future potential.
  • Help people to re-establsh a health work-life balance after injury.

Coaching Products

We offer coaching as a package consisting of:

  • 1-1 coaching; blocks of 6 sessions, each of 2 hours duration.
  • Co-coaching, with individual and line manager.
  • Job Coaching; individual programs of support to enhance ability to work.