Identifying reasons for poor attention


Links with Occupational Health teams are an important element of our work.  

We like to support people before they feel they need to leave work.  We like to help them develop new approaches to their work, that will enable them to do their job better.

We do this through coaching to develop tailor-made strategies that relate specifically to the role with which the individual is struggling and training people in ways to think differently about their job so they can approach tasks in a calmer and more organised way.  

We also use cognitive and neuro-psychological assessments to help people understand why they are experiencing the difficulties they encounter.   This can also help line manager’s to appreciate the strengths of an individual in a new way, so they can adjust their role slightly to play to their strengths and create a more effective employee who is likely to stay with the company longer, rather than leaving because of misunderstandings and stress at work.

If you are an Occupational Health professional who would like to understand what underlying cognitive or psychological problems could be limiting an individual in their job role, please do get in touch and we can talk through how we may be able to help.