Our team consists of Occupational Psychologists and Coaches,
supervised by Registered Psychologists.

Occupational Psychologists are Practitioner Psychologists who apply psychological theories to the workplace to support and develop individual employees, wider teams and the organisation as a whole.  

Occupational Psychologists are trained to understand how we: learn, remember, concentrate and generally function at our best in the workplace.  We also understand dynamics of teams, leadership styles and communication styles in the workplace.  This makes us perfectly placed to understand the impact of employing someone with a health problem, both from the individual’s learning and development perspective and also from the leadership, team and productivity perspective.

Occupational Psychologists working with Ways to Work specialise in the assessment and development of people with disabilities and health conditions.  We have a particular expertise in helping people with acquired brain injuries and neurological conditions.  Our ultimate aim is to enhance potential in the workplace and encourage healthy workplaces that promote well-being at work.

We work with an individual who has the health condition, and also with their managers, employers and colleagues, who need to work alongside them. We use coaching techniques to share and develop these concepts into strategies that work in a unique way for each individual in their particular job.

We also work with colleagues to further extend knowledge and awareness of the condition so everyone knows how to best support the individual in order to make work life easier for everyone.

Occupational Psychology is a professional title, protected by the Health and Care Professions Council.
Only those registered with the HCPC are qualified to practise as Occupational Psychologists. 


Ways to Work are proud to be partnering with The Thrive Hive Collective to deliver the coaching elements of their programs.