Identifying reasons for poor attention


Manage Challenging Times at Work

This service provides for the needs of corporate customers who are fit and healthy and don’t have specific health conditions or disabilities.  Our Occupational Psychologists apply disability knowledge to encourage well-being at work and work with managers to enhance effectiveness and productivity through healthy, happy teams, motivated to achieve results.  Interventions focus on coaching for: personal development, building resilience, managing change and team building. 

This service is aimed at those who would like to build on their employer obligations so far as DDA and Well-Being at Work initiatives are concerned.  It would suit those who would like to expand individual potential by exploring alternative ways to manage difficult employment circumstances.
This could include people who:

o    Feel under pressure at work and would like to discover alternative ways of managing that pressure so they can be more effective.

o    Have concerns about their future career direction because of necessary organizational changes that are taking place.

o    Explore ways to manage absence more productively.

o    Want to be clearer on their role, to meet employer expectations.

o    Would like to create a more comfortable work-life balance.

o    Would like to build a more inclusive team that supports all its members needs whilst still meeting business objectives.


Build strong teams with people with disabilities and health conditions

If you work in a team that faces challenges because of someone being on long-term sick or not managing their job effectively due to illness or disability, then this is a consultancy and coaching service that may meet your needs.
Our specially trained Occupational Psychologists are equipped with:

o    Knowledge of disability, that may help to build a fairer appreciation of the situation.

o    Awareness of the complexities of re-integrating someone with a health condition or disability back to work.

o    Experience of building teams that work, despite the limitations of some of its members.

o    Techniques to help people talk more supportively to one another so as to enhance everyone’s strengths.


Vocational Guidance & Outplacement Support

With a wealth of knowledge and experience of helping unemployed people to find work and providing advice to management teams regarding the development and redeployment of staff, our Occupational Psychologists are in a prime position to provide vocational guidance and outplacement support for those seeking to explore alternative career moves.
This service is offered for anyone with or without a health condition, who is considering their options to move in a new vocational direction.